Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easy Art / Gallery Wall

Art can transform a space.  I am always on the hunt for easy art I can make.  I needed a little more pop of color on my gallery wall and looked to an old paint deck of mine for some inspiration.  If you don't have an old paint deck you can always run out to your local hardware store to get some paint chips.

Step one:  Gather paint chip colors you dig.

Step two:  Get a frame with a mat, or if you are extra crafty you can make your own mat.  I got mine at Michael's.  You'll also need glue and tape.  I just happened to have these sitting around.

Step three:  Organize your colors into a pattern that suits your eye.  I intentionally offset all of mine so I didn't have to worry about aligning the lines perfectly.

Step four:  Put a piece of tape at the top and bottom to hold those babies in place.  Fold over the extra hanging bits.

Step five:  Glue the inside edges of the mat.  Place the mat over the paint chips, then flip back over and add a little more tape to the sides just to be sure there is no wiggling.

Step six:  Hang and enjoy!  Can you find my easy art hanging in our new gallery wall?

Note to self...get a better camera so all my images don't turn out so fuzzy!

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