Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More easy art ideas!

Art can be a hard thing to tackle.  So for the next few blogs I'd like to give you some sneaky little tips on incorporating meaningful art into your home.  First we can talk display.

Art Blog Numero Uno: The art of the gallery wall...

Gallery walls are not a new thing.  I mean, check out this 16th century portrait gallery wall from the ultimate art collectors the Medici. 

Whether I'm a handful of centuries late to the game or not, I love a good gallery wall.  Plus there are so many options out there!

You can slap some art on a corner...inside OR outside.

They can be totally neutral

Or very colorful

They can have a classic, structured, rhythmic pattern

Or be more whimsical (I love how this one bleeds from the wall, to the window pane, and to the floor)

You can even incorporate things other than your typical framed art (this creative person included lighting, letters, numbers, paint brushes, and little bolts of thread!)

Whatever setup you go with really just depends on your own personal style.  One little design tip that I have learned through the years is if you are going full on floor to ceiling, wall to wall art, it really makes a much bigger impact if you reduce or eliminate art on the surrounding walls.  It's the beauty of the negative space that draws you and your eye to that one wall.  I'm also all about breaking design rules, so if that doesn't work for you then you can just tell me to mind my own business...

Once you establish your style you get to play!  Don't be intimidated by that big blank artless wall.  Embrace it!  Literally.  Got up to your wall, hug it, let it know you are a team and are about to go nuts with a hammer and nails.  

If you are a little stressed by the thought of doing it all on your own, here is a "well why didn't I think of that" way to figure out the perfect spot for each of your prized possessions.

OR you can just wing it like me!  Coming up - cheap, eco friendly, and easy ways to fill your gallery wall....

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